CEO PGMI and Deans LRH Visit KMU-IMS Kohat

CEO PGMI and Deans LRH Visit KMU-IMS Kohat, Address TMO Concerns
Subheading: Commitment to Enhancing Medical Education and Trainee Support
The respectable CEO of Postgraduate Medical Institute, Dr Sahibzada Mahmood Noor along with the Deans of Lady Reading Hospital, Dr. Junaid Sarfaraz visited KMU-IMS in Kohat on June 9, 2023. The visit marked the CEO's first physical interaction with the institute, highlighting the significance of this engagement. The meeting was attended by Principal KMU-IMS, all the clinical faculty and TMOs.
Prof. Dr. Musarrat Jabeen, the Principal of KMU-IMS, expressed the institute's commitment to ensuring that their trainees follow the structured guidelines established by PGMI. Additionally, she emphasized their efforts to boost the confidence and communication skills of the TMOs, particularly those hailing from distant areas, creating an environment that feels like home.
Furthermore, she highlighted that KMU-IMS had achieved accreditation for all its units, signifying their dedication to maintaining high standards of medical education. This achievement speaks to the collective efforts of the faculty, staff, and administration in providing quality education and healthcare services.
During their visit, the esteemed delegation met with the Trainee Medical Officers (TMOs) of DHQ Kohat to address various concerns and challenges faced by the trainees. Dr. Faheem Shah played a pivotal role in bringing attention to these issues. Addressing the TMO concerns, Dr. Fahim Shah shed light on the steps taken to resolve issues faced by trainees. Hostel problems are being addressed to ensure comfortable and safe living spaces. Skill labs availability was demanded, including equipment availability and training resources, enabling TMOs to enhance their practical skills. Additionally, the library is receiving attention, with a focus on book availability, digital resources, and study spaces.
The CEO of PGMI responded positively, assuring the delegation's commitment to resolving the identified issues. This dedication signifies collaboration and support between PGMI and KMU-IMS in providing an enriched learning experience for the TMOs. The CEO's assurance further strengthens the resolve to find viable solutions collaboratively. By working together with the administration and stakeholders, the CEO aims to enhance infrastructure and support systems, thereby fostering an environment conducive to the professional growth and well-being of the TMOs.
This visit and the subsequent commitments made by the CEO and the Principal signify a shared vision of excellence in medical education, patient care, and trainee support. Such initiatives strengthen the bond between institutions and foster collaborations that drive positive change in the healthcare sector.
The CEO's dedication to resolving TMO concerns underscores the commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring that KMU-IMS remains at the forefront of medical education and provides trainees with an exceptional learning experience.