Program Outcomes KMU-IMS KOHAT

The Khyber Medical University –Institute of Medical Sciences Kohat, has adopted (from the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council’s Seven Star Doctor) the following outcomes for its MBBS Program.The aim of the Five Years MBBS Program at Khyber Medical University - Institute of Medical Sciences, Kohat is to inculcate into the graduates the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to be regarded as a “Seven Star Doctor”. Through provision of opportunities to observe, learn and practice these characteristics throughout the entire length of the program, the institute aspires to achieve this goal.

The graduates of MBBS program at Khyber Medical University - Institute of Medical Sciences Kohat, are expected to

  • Have sufficient knowledge of Medical Sciences (Basic and Clinical) to be able to treat patients for common illnesses at Health Facilities as well as in the community.
  • Be skilled enough to carry-out the routine procedures related to the investigation and treatment of patients.
  • Have understanding of the basics of Medical Research so that they could benefit from and contribute to the research studies being carried-out nationally and internationally.
  • Have a good understanding of the concepts of Professionalism, Management and Leadership and these traits will be evident from his actions.
  • Have a good understanding of ethics and will always regard them during his personal and professional life.
  • Keep their knowledge, of health issues and developments in the field of medicine, updated and will not only lead by example but will also promote healthy life style and practices.
  • The KMU-IMS Kohat graduate will be an advocate for the health of people in true sense.


Head of Department of Medical Education,

Khyber Institute of Medical Sciences, Kohat.