A Workshop on Peer Review was successfully conducted at the Smart Classroom of KMUIMS Kohat, which was linked with the Smart Classroom of KMU Main Campus, on September 25, 2023.

A Workshop on Peer Review was successfully conducted at the Smart Classroom of KMUIMS Kohat, which was linked with the Smart Classroom of KMU Main Campus, on September 25, 2023. This workshop was organized as a tribute to the significance of Peer Review in the context of Peer Review Week 2023. It was facilitated by distinguished experts in the field, including Prof. Dr. Muhammad Irfan [President Elect PAME (Pakistan Association of Medical Editors); Prof. Mental Health, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, PMC, Peshawar; Director ORIC, Prime Foundation], Prof. Dr. Akhtar Sherin (Prof. Medicine; Chief Editor KMUJ; Vice President EMAME; Ex. President PAME), and Dr. Muhammad Haris Ramzan (Managing Editor KMUJ). The workshop aimed to enhance understanding and skills related to the peer review process. 
PARTICIPANTS: The workshop received participation from a total of 30 enthusiastic individuals interested in gaining insights into the world of peer review. Attendees included faculty members, researchers, and students from various disciplines. 
WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS: The workshop was meticulously organized and executed to provide valuable knowledge and practical training in peer review. Prof. Dr. Akhtar Sherin played a pivotal role as the main facilitator and delivered a comprehensive lecture on the significance of peer review, its various types, guidelines on how to perform peer review effectively, responsibilities and role of peer reviewer in publication ethics and the process of designing a peer review proforma. Prof. Dr. Irfan played a crucial role in providing invaluable insights and guidance throughout the workshop.   
One of the key highlights of the workshop was the hands-on training segment, where participants were engaged in the actual process of selecting published articles for peer review. This practical exercise, known as post-publication review, allowed attendees to apply the knowledge they had gained and gain insights into the real-world challenges and responsibilities of a peer reviewer. 
CERTIFICATE DISTRIBUTION: At the conclusion of the workshop, certificates of participation were distributed to all attendees. The certificates were presented by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran (President Elect. PAME), Prof. Dr. Akhtar Sherin (Vice President EMAME; Ex. President PAME), and Prof. Dr. Musarrat Jabeen (Principal KMU-IMS, Kohat). These certificates served as a token of appreciation for the participants' active engagement and commitment to advancing their skills in the field of peer review. 
JOINT ORGANIZATION AND FUNDING: It is noteworthy that the Workshop on Peer Review was jointly organized by the PAME (Pakistan Association of Medical Editors), EMAME (Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors), ORIC KMU (Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization, Khyber Medical University), and KMUJ (Khyber Medical University Journal).  
The event received funding from ORIC, KMU, further highlighting the collaborative efforts and commitment to promoting excellence in academic and research practices. 
CONCLUSION: The Workshop on Peer Review held on September 25, 2023, was a resounding success. It provided an invaluable platform for participants to gain in-depth knowledge, practical experience, and insights into the peer review process. The event not only contributed to fostering a culture of peer review within the academic and research community but also paid homage to the importance of peer review during Peer Review Week 2023. 
We extend our gratitude to the organizers, facilitators, and participants for making this workshop a significant and productive event.  
Report Compiled By: 
Dr. Muhammad Haris Ramzan Associate Professor Physiology KMU-IMS Managing Editor KMUJ